Hello Darling! (___fabulous) wrote in creamed_dessert,
Hello Darling!

je suis la plus belle

location:currently? or where do i live? cuz right now im in NC, but i live in NY
single or taken:taken
sexual preference:meh
ethnic background:wtf white whores
interests:music, my boyfriend, being with rad people
hobbies:my boyfriend

favorite movie:just one? party monster, eternal sunshine, the princess bride, elf
favorite actress:well... kate winslet i guess
favorite actor:ummm that guy in the princess bride. jude law
favorite store:urban outfitters
favorite bands:hot hot heat, ima robot, led zeppelin, ramones, sex pistols, faint, le tigre, sahara hotnights, stiff little fingers, buzzcocks, the clash, violent femmes
favorite ice-cream:coffee
despised movie:i have absolutely no clue..... mayhaps...cheaper by the dozen? that new one with hilary duff and tom welling. bullshit movie.
despised actress:does britney count? she was in one movie.
despised actor:how about.... ashton kutcher
despised store:crush
despised bands:good charlotte. goddamnit they suck.
despised ice-cream:fucking phish food. wtf is up with that shit. its revolting.

something interesting about you:
what makes you unique?:the fact that im not entirely sure what color my hair is.
type in guys and/or girls:what do you mean type? i have no type. i just like who i like. but they should like the same kind of music as me.
what's your fashion style?:i have no style. laidback? i like cardigans.
what are you best at?:handjobs?

//opinions on://
pres. bush:dumbshit president
sweat-shop labor:goddamnit it sucks
war on iraq:go home guys
gay marriage:all for it
the hilton sisters:paris walks funny. julian does a good imitation

post atleast 6 clear pics of your face:

one on the right

i dont have six of them. maybe ill post more later when i get my camera fixed.
an 150x150 pic for the cast page if you are accepted

, this is temporary, i plan on changing it if in fact i am accepted.
~~~~~good luck!!!

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u look so cute in the 3rd one.. i <33 ur glasses!!

-u could've been a little more descriptive in ur app..but its ok..

Your pics are cute.
Your skin is icky.
Hand jobs as a talent is so not cute. At all.
But it's possible, I guess.
ur face is icky michelle.
u need to get a full body wax.
A nose job + and full body lip would be good for you.
Don't argue with me, I can easily get you banned.
But you should be smart enough and leave already.
You're applying, you should be prepared to get people's opinions Chloe, not all of them are going to be positive.
You know this.
oh i know, but when someone like you says my skin is icky (which by the way its not, i had sheen on it that i put on thankyouverymuch) it just forces me to say something.
ban me ugly whore.
i like my nose. a lot.
and what is full body lip?
u mean lipo? yeah, um, no thanks.
but you need laser hair removal and major plastic surgery on every inch of your body.
ur fucking awsome and that's so true Chloe. that bitch needz help with her face. If she thinks she's so damn hot she can ask all the guys her pic has been shown to. "OMG IS SHE DEFORMED?"-Robbie
(omg I can't wait for the "hurtful" comebacks by michelle. HA HA).
um..there's only like 3 members in this comm as it is, mich.

- what you're best at. lame.
+ despised ice cream. phish food? that shit is nasty.
-/+ opinions. good, but you should have gone deeper with them.
-/+ pics. you look hot in the third one. the second pic is really cute. that chick in the first one is really ugly.
+ fav store.

whatever. what can i say?
HAHA i just realized that the ugly chick i mentioned is a guy.
that's so funny.
thats my boyfriend, he looks so weird in that picture.
wow, even against michelle's insults.
i feel accepted.
and pretty.
I didn't mean to come off as rude as it seems.
I was just trying to be honest.
But then you like flew into the screen with anger.
"You say its honesty, but its jealousy that led us to this song."