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je suis la plus belle


name: danie.
age: twenty.
location: derby, england.
single or taken: taken.
sexual preference: in love :)
ethnic background: french and indian.
interests: the holocaust, henry rollins, zombies, photography.
hobbies: photography, reading, writing, looking for a job.

favorite movie: napoleon dynamite.
favorite actress: angelina jolie.
favorite actor: either kevin spacey,jack nicholson or jim carrey.
favorite store: wilkonson's, lush and wal mart when i am in america.
favorite bands: the eels, the shins, bearsuit, a new found glory, halfway home and leftover crack.
favorite ice-cream: mint chocolate chip (but ONLY if the ice cream is green!)
despised movie: none, really. i haven't seen onei can say i despise...
despised actress: susan sarandon. ever since i saw step-mom i have had a problem with her.
despised actor: **shrugs**
despised store: any that do not cater to poor girls like me.
despised bands: nofx is really the only band i would turn the radio off for. yuck!
despised ice-cream: plain vanilla.

something interesting about you: i had carbon monoxide poisoning once and had to spend four months in an oxygen tube.
what makes you unique?:i hate nobody and regret nothing. i find that to be quite delightful because it is hard to find non-angsty people these days.
type in guys and/or girls:the one i sleep next to every night. **points and smothers him in kisses**
what's your fashion style?: comfortable, cute and vintage. i am in the process of learning to dress like a girl. it is fun sometimes **rubs blisters on feet**
what are you best at?: it is a toss up between cooking pizza and cleaning.

//opinions on://
pres. bush: i think he is dumb and has done a lot of things for a lot of the wrong reasons. he should go to bed with no dessert. **winks**
sweat-shop labour: ugly ugly ugly. people need to breathe clean air...
war on iraq: i think there are underlying motives and it is just convenient to say that we are trying to "liberate" people because that is definitely a nice thing to do.
gay marriage: i think it is wonderful. people should be allowed to love with no restraints.
the hilton sisters: i usually feel physically ill when i see pictures of them.

post atleast 6 clear pics of your face:

an 150x150 pic for the cast page if you are accepted

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