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qui est la plus belle?

nous sommes la plus belle

for those that are hot
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this community was designed in spite of the communities that take one look at your pics and say "uh NO"..we give you a little more thought and take a better look..so take a chance and join:

~*~14 and up.. no exceptions
~*~you CANNOT comment until you've been accepted
~*~do NOT re-apply
~*~don't be a candy ass--if they're ugly or annoying or stupid, say so!
~*~do not argue if you've been rejected
~*~make an lj-cut for your application
~*~make your lj-cut topic "je suis la plus belle"
~*~proving that you've thuroughly read the rules.. put the word 'dessert' somewhere in your application

single or taken:
sexual preference:
ethnic background:

favorite movie:
favorite actress:
favorite actor:
favorite store:
favorite bands:
favorite ice-cream:
despised movie:
despised actress:
despised actor:
despised store:
despised bands:
despised ice-cream:

something interesting about you:
what makes you unique?:
type in guys and/or girls:
what's your fashion style?:
what are you best at?:

//opinions on://
pres. bush:
sweat-shop labor:
war on iraq:
gay marriage:
the hilton sisters:

post atleast 6 clear pics of your face:

an 150x150 pic for the cast page if you are accepted

~~~~~good luck!!!