Hello Darling! (___fabulous) wrote in creamed_dessert,
Hello Darling!

je suis la plus belle

location:currently? or where do i live? cuz right now im in NC, but i live in NY
single or taken:taken
sexual preference:meh
ethnic background:wtf white whores
interests:music, my boyfriend, being with rad people
hobbies:my boyfriend

favorite movie:just one? party monster, eternal sunshine, the princess bride, elf
favorite actress:well... kate winslet i guess
favorite actor:ummm that guy in the princess bride. jude law
favorite store:urban outfitters
favorite bands:hot hot heat, ima robot, led zeppelin, ramones, sex pistols, faint, le tigre, sahara hotnights, stiff little fingers, buzzcocks, the clash, violent femmes
favorite ice-cream:coffee
despised movie:i have absolutely no clue..... mayhaps...cheaper by the dozen? that new one with hilary duff and tom welling. bullshit movie.
despised actress:does britney count? she was in one movie.
despised actor:how about.... ashton kutcher
despised store:crush
despised bands:good charlotte. goddamnit they suck.
despised ice-cream:fucking phish food. wtf is up with that shit. its revolting.

something interesting about you:
what makes you unique?:the fact that im not entirely sure what color my hair is.
type in guys and/or girls:what do you mean type? i have no type. i just like who i like. but they should like the same kind of music as me.
what's your fashion style?:i have no style. laidback? i like cardigans.
what are you best at?:handjobs?

//opinions on://
pres. bush:dumbshit president
sweat-shop labor:goddamnit it sucks
war on iraq:go home guys
gay marriage:all for it
the hilton sisters:paris walks funny. julian does a good imitation

post atleast 6 clear pics of your face:

one on the right

i dont have six of them. maybe ill post more later when i get my camera fixed.
an 150x150 pic for the cast page if you are accepted

, this is temporary, i plan on changing it if in fact i am accepted.
~~~~~good luck!!!

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